Web development in Brighton

Precise scalable code is compulsory for any website that must run properly. It’s the only way you can ensure the kind of smooth functionality that creates the perfect user experience. At Pavilion Web, our team of expert developers will ensure your website runs smoothly for you to get the best of SEO and user engagement.

What we do

At Pavilion Web, we strive to completely understand you, your business and clients. We take what we know and implement technical and creative solutions to greatly improve user experience. We understand it’s not all about the aesthetics of the website, but it has to be fully functional at all times. With over twelve years of building functional websites, we have gained invaluable experience that makes us one of the best web development services you’ll find in Brighton. We have built sites of all sizes and worked on a wide variety of platforms. Our clients have never been disappointed with our work.

With web development, we like to focus on original and faultless coding that allows us to create tailored database-driven solutions for our clients. It doesn’t matter what you intend to achieve online, whatever it is, we’ll get it done.

How we do it

Our team of web developers do all the work behind the scenes that ensure your website runs optimally for you, your clients, and search engines. We work wireframes, carry out user journey mapping, and test processes, with our findings ultimately helping us gain in-depth insight into any problems. We take our time to make sure the sites we develop are accessible, using open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Java. We use a flexible CMS that acts as the main platform that holds your website’s architecture. Supported worldwide, our open source CMS offers a wide scope that lets us expand your website and add new features without hassle.
We consider search engine optimisation every step of the way and construct your site to be able to stand a good chance with major search engines including Google. Our services include reliable, secure, and cost-effective hosting.

Why choose Pavilion Web

Increasingly, mobile devices and tablets are being used to access the internet, and major search engines like Google have started ranking mobile-friendly sites higher for SEO, stressing the importance of having a website optimised for various platforms and screen sizes, from smart phone to tablet or desktop to smart watch. Having a responsive site could be your edge against your competitors. Our technical team in Brighton will help you build a responsive website, suited for any screen size and ensuring users have an enjoyable experience on your site.
If you’re in Brighton, Pavilion Web is your sure bet to getting professional web development at a competitive price. You’ll get cost-effective service and you can rest assured that there’ll be unexpected costs as we’ll stick to the budget. Your website will be constructed on the sturdiest of foundations with opportunities to improve the features later.


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