We’ve reached an age where having a website is more than just a company asset, it’s a necessary tool for those looking to take on the online business market. You need a site and it needs to be good. Luckily, we have a team of expert designers at Pavilion Web to take you through every step of the process. Building a responsive interface is one fantastic way of making sure you have a cutting edge, high performance website, and we’re going to explain why!

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is very simple, it allows your website to adapt to whatever browser, device, screen size or resolution you want to open it with without compromising the user experience.

Does your site open perfectly on an android smartphone, yet the moment you try to load it on Safari using your iPad, it takes a minute to load and even then, it doesn’t look quite right? This is where we come in, adapting and programming your site so wherever your user is and whatever device they’re using, your content will always be clear and easy to use.


Building a website for all devices

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It’s no secret that the internet has gone mobile. This website is mobile, you may even be reading it from a mobile device right now! With new browsing devices appearing at an unprecedented rate, your website needs to keep up and be able to adapt to all of these devices as they appear.

Unfortunately, the more mobile and fast-paced the world becomes, the more ruthless and impatient your target audience are when it comes to slow loading pages with bad resolution. For instance, if your site loads badly on apple software, that’s a huge number of potential customers that won’t stay looking at your site for long because it’s not compatible and doesn’t work consistently with the device they’re using.

How Does it Work?

Our UI (User Interface) designers at Pavilion Web are experts in building professional interfaces that are fast, responsive and adapted to fit all devices. We utilise the latest technologies in order put our clients one step ahead of competitors:

  • ‘Skeleton’

rearranges and adapts your site’s content based on screen size. As you load it on different devices, your content will auto-align to a layout that’s clear and compatible.

  • CSS3

uses grids and flexible images that work using proportions as opposed to measurements

Using these techniques and many more, our UI designers can build you a website that loads on any mobile phone with minimum scrolling, panning and resizing.

“Instantly load you perfectly proportioned website, anytime, anywhere!”

Custom-made Interfaces

We’re delighted when clients come to us insisting that we build them responsive interfaces but the most common question asked is whether they can still achieve a consistent, beautifully-crafted design if it’s going to look slightly different from device to device. The answer is ‘of course!’ Our designers pride themselves on building bespoke models that adhere to and exceed all of your business requirements. We craft all our interfaces to optimum:

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  • Usability
  • Visuality
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility

In the safe hands of our UI designers, you can be sure that your visitors will load nothing short of a high performing user experience.

Responsive Improvements

You don’t have to be looking to build a website from the ground up to take advantage of our RWD expertise either. We offer a range of website improvement services that could include improving the responsive design on your current site. So if you’re having difficulty loading your site when you’re on the go, or maybe your interface has seen better days, give a member of our Pavilion Web team today! We’re full of advice and will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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