Be seen as you need to be

Nothing communicates a strong brand identity better than powerful visual aesthetics. Pavilion Web can help give your brand a creative and original edge with our custom visuals that fully capture the message you want to send out. Your website’s design determines the first impression your users have and it has to be superb.

Achieve measurable results

Your website is your home online and helps people see who you are and what you do. At pavilion Web, we help businesses in Brighton design websites that capture their brand identity and personality. To achieve success, you’ll want your conversions, page views, and session length to go soaring through the roof while your bounce rates are razed to the ground. We know exactly what you mean and have the expertise you’ll need to achieve these results with a properly designed website.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in web design that has made us particularly meticulous about creating unique solutions that drive results. We use in-depth market research, real time user testing, and swift prototyping to support your website’s design, boost conversions, and improve engagement.

Consumer-focused design

At Pavilion Web, we understand that your site needs to be easy to navigate and fun to interact with. Mobile devices and many other platforms are increasingly becoming popular, making it necessary for modern sites to be built with responsive design. Our team of talented web designers focus on the user experience and information architecture of the website’s design, working with the development team to adapt the design to be accessible across devices.

Not only does it boost user experience when your site is usable across platforms, but it’s a significant push for SEO. You’ll have ongoing support, helping you update designs and layouts to keep up with trends, and checking your site on new browsers and devices as they are released. Our designers are especially meticulous with usability, navigation, accessibility and responsiveness. We have an approach that puts your customers first, meaning your end users remain at the centre of the project, from start to finish.

We are with you every step of the way

Before we embark on a new design project, we go through the consulting stage where we begin to develop the project, considering the biggest and smallest details. Starting with the initial brief, we look into a number of different approaches we can use for the project. Then we conduct competitor research and use our knowledge to make a comprehensive plan for your website. Throughout the duration of the project, we allow our experience and research guide the creative process.

At Pavilion web, we like to work closely with our clients on every step of the way, in a bid to make sure all our efforts are in line with and are truly geared towards their vision. All through the process, we’ll share our designs with you and update you frequently, ensuring you’re always aware of the direction your project is going.


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