Take charge of user journey

It is possible to have a beautiful website that fails to engage properly with visitors. Good UX design must not be based on assumption but should take charge of the user journey through the site. At Pavilion Web, we leave nothing to chance as our talented team of UX and CRO experts work together to create result-driven solutions for businesses in Brighton.

UX and CRO – a match made in heaven

Conversion rate optimisation and user experience are closely linked disciplines that help us create an engaging and highly effective user experience for your website. Our UX professionals identify different user journey paths and with the CRO experts, analyse how users navigate through these paths from the second they’re on the site to the second they leave.

This rigorous analysis helps us identify friction areas and exit points across user journey paths on your website. These friction areas are often on pages where users don’t find what they were expecting. The CRO team recognise these and finds solutions to get around the problem

Rigorous testing todrive results


CRO is crucial if you’re interested in making your traffic work harder for you. At Pavilion Web, we construct conversion tests and use smart data insights to make usability recommendations aimed at boosting conversion rates.

We’ll perform a full web analytics audit on your website to assess the overall customer journey, evaluating usability and conversions. Based on our findings, we’ll provide recommendations on where we think you need to improve. After this, we’ll formulate a conversion roadmap designed based on key pages and identified drop out points. Using tactical A/B testing, we’ll test various versions of your landing pages to see which ones provide better user experience. We properly document all web analytics audits and A/B testing for much needed reference when embarking on future CRO efforts. CRO allows you reap from all your online marketing channels including PPC, email marketing, and referrals. It is a cost effective way to identify and fix the root causes preventing conversions.

Taking user experience further

UX design is a continuous process of learning about users, adapting to their motivations and behaviours, and developing a product perfectly suited for them. We’ll start by performing a user analysis and profiling to get to know your customers better. Then we move on to creating the concept and visual design, information architecture, and wireframes. We build prototypes and test them on different devices and end users. When you understand how visitors think, you’ll be able to fashion a user journey custom-made for every visitor. Knowing what visitors are interested in ensures you’re in a better position to appeal to their impulses, guiding them through the decision making process, into the final stage where you want them to perform a call to action.

At Pavilion Web, we are intent on helping businesses in Brighton understand their users better and use that knowledge to optimise the site with the view to maximising revenue and improving user experience.


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