When it comes to developing a Mobility Services Strategy, our team of expert app developers at Pavilion Web make sure to work within parameters that ensure our clients business’ productivity is assured.

But in doing this, we don’t only focus on our clients’ business goals. We also take into consideration the satisfaction of all stakeholders that will be affected by our clients’ business operations. In our years of experience providing professional web and app development services to the good people of Brighton, we’ve discovered that it is best to proffer solutions and services to our clients that take into consideration all involved stakeholders.

Recognising pertinent stakeholders is also advantageous because it allows for the identification of different viewpoints. This is especially useful in gaining insight into the opinion of those stakeholders that are important to a business’ progress but whose opinion are usually not taken into account. Experience and research has shown us that omitting such stakeholders, can lead to future problems that are avoidable.

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Who counts as a Stakeholder?

To qualify as a stakeholder, the party in question must be affected in some manner by the quality of an application or web design. Such affected parties are those whose opinion we recommend taking notice of.

Because our Brighton clients operate in different business fields and thus have a wide range of customers, the web and app designs we develop are used by a wide array of persons. This isn’t limited to just our clients’ customers, but also our clients’ employees, suppliers and such. To make sure the user experience of none of these parties falls short of our standard, we make it a point to identify and accommodate all the user groups to the best of our capability.

Below is a list of probable stakeholders we’ve identified while working with our Brighton clients.

  • Our clients themselves.
  • Government and other regulatory bodies
  • Consumers; including end users, secondary users, and potential consumers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees of clients
  • Competitors and their customers
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While this list is not exhaustive, it gives you an idea of who counts as a stakeholder. Each of these groups of people have own requirements, and needs they look to be met when using a software system.

The aforementioned stakeholders represent the various parts of the market that will be affected by a business owner’s operations and mobility services strategy. But the mentioned stakeholders can and will vary from business to business. It is because of this that our experts at Pavilion Web provide our clients in Brighton with web and app solutions, as well as develop mobile strategies, that take into consideration everyone who represents each key group of stakeholders.

What your business stands to gain from Web Pavilion’s stakeholder focused web and app designs

  • Satisfied stakeholders will eventually result in increased profit.
  • Improve collection of customer data with analytics and feedback mechanisms.
  • Better engage customers and stakeholders alike.
  • Provide your business a competitive edge over competitors because it shows your business is committed to not just profit.
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If your business is in the Brighton area, we would like to work with you by providing you strategic online and offline solutions to boost your business. So contact us on 01273 671555.


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