Want that Wedding is a UK based wedding blog focused on inspiring brides to be themselves and follow their style, whatever it might be. Sonia, the wedding blogger behind Want that Wedding loves to receive innovative and fresh photography featuring brides who have gone with their own unique style. This is one wedding blog that encourages brides to throw convention to the wind and stick with what they love.

Sonia receives hundreds of pictures from dozens of unique weddings showing some of the most beautiful and romantic moments which she then shares on her blog. Her aim is to nudge other brides to be themselves and make the best day of their lives about them and their personal tastes as much as possible.

The blog features some of the most interesting and unconventional brides, from a bride wearing bright blue shoes to a couple expressing their love for each other in the quirkiest way. Want that Wedding is interested in vintage, classic, alternative, modern, rustic, or DIY weddings, and pretty much anything else that’s beyond the regular idea of a wedding. Whether it’s an indoor wedding or an outdoor one, from churches, castles, or mansions to fields, tents, back gardens, or the woods, as long as it is a unique wedding, Sonia would love it.

The blog is not restricted to UK weddings and loves to feature Danish weddings, French weddings, American weddings, Estonian weddings, and weddings from anywhere else in the world.  Every part of the Want that Wedding blog is reflective of the owner’s unique, eclectic style.

The website:

  • Light and airy to capture the wedding feel.
  • Emphasises on photography, much like a look book.
  • Brilliant use of white and pink to reflect the target audience.
  • Scanty and easy-to-read text for a seamless web experience.