Romany Mark Bruce is an Ireland-born artist currently plying his trade in Brighton, England. A recipient of several painting and sculpture awards, his works have been collected across the world.

Mark Bruce has an enigmatic and passionate obsession with the paired muscle in the superficial part of the neck, otherwise known as the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This interest is greatly represented in the extent of Mark Bruce’s artwork.

Mark Bruce’s style is figurative and abstract, and loved by certain collectors around the globe. He is also a creator and designer of the Brighton AIDS Memorial which was unveiled in 2009 by Mr. David Furnish. The Bronze sculpture has since been established as an iconic landmark in Brighton.

What does Romany Mark Bruce do?

As an artist, Mark Bruce has a plethora of works to his name. However, his specialty seems to lie in both painting and sculpting.

Abstract Painting

Lovers of abstract art have a wide range of enigmatic paintings to choose from. Mark Bruce has paints on commission as well as sells existing work collections. Examples of some popular works include Baptism 1, Intrados, Celestory and Crusade to mention a few.


Few people understand figurative art but Mark Bruce’s work opens the doors to enlightenment, given people a chance to reflect on his painting style. In the figurative painting category, there are “A shot in the dark”, Cortes, Girl and Torch.


Mark Bruce fell in love with sculpting many years ago and still pays homage to the art. Some of his works are renowned all over UK, including the Brighton Aids Memorial.

Website Features

  • Images: The website is generally a gallery of display of his art. Visitors can see what’s currently available and place quick orders.
  • The header of the site contains links to various pages including upcoming events
  • Bottom: In the bottom left is a Twitter feed embedded, along-side a contact address for his studio, phone number and email.