Professionals UK is an organisation that helps international students gain internship opportunities in the UK. Established in 2005, the program matches qualified candidates with companies in need of specific skills at internship level.

In addition to providing international students with professional work experiences in reputable firms, Professionals UK also helps them brush up on their English language, as well as life skills.

In the past 10 years, the organisation has matched more than 6,000 students from 30 countries with 900 companies throughout the UK in more than 50 sectors.

The process

The program has three needs areas;

  • The student who needs an internship
  • The company who wants an intern
  • A school or agent who needs the network

Professionals UK, utilises both personal and professional methods to satisfy all three parties. By acting as the middle man, the operate a platform where students, companies and school administrators can interact on a matching tool.

The professional sectors include business admin, accountancy, marketing, engineering, law, design and more.

What services are offered?

Professionals UK offers training in English Language, especially to students whose first language isn’t English. They also train the students in practical work skills that help them fit seamlessly into their respective internships.

During this experience, Professionals UK helps the student form a cultural understanding and international connections among other members in their peers. The internships extend to business schools, agents and non-profit organisations.

Finally, Professionals UK has paid hospitality internships for student-interns who already have strong work experience in this area.

Website Feature

Simplicity: The Professionals UK is a straightforward website that immediately describes its functions on the homepage.

The header tab: This contains various tabs such as school &agents, companies, students and so on

Use of White space: The is sufficient use of whitespace and images to keep readers engaged.

The footer: At the bottom of the page is a call to action button requesting users to sign up to its newsletter. There is also a contact phone for communication.