My 360 Goals is an online feedback tool designed to help individuals review their performance, make actionable plans to achieve goals, and receive feedback on their personal and professional development. It is a Multi-Rater Assessment (MRA) that helps organisations develop every level of their workforce, from management down to sales.

With the ultimate aim being to provide users with an overview of their impact on colleagues, the entire business, and even customers, My 360 Goals pulls together different perspectives of the individual’s performance with a structure that pinpoints core strengths and lacking areas. Captured in the name of the programme, My 360 Goals utilises an all-round process that helps drive the individual towards success through identification of areas most in need of development, time-bound goals, and honest feedback on their progress.

My 360 Goals puts an individual’s development in their own hands, guiding them as they set their own goals and work towards their success. It takes the user out of their little bubble and helps them assess their performance and behaviour through the eyes of those most aware of their progress and failings. My 360 Goals is a flexible tool which provides businesses with tailored questionnaires to assess and ultimately develop solid teams of emotionally intelligent and highly efficient professionals.

While the individual reserves the right to nominate anyone they please, all responses remain confidential, with a feedback report produced upon completion of the survey. What might follow is a meeting with a development coach from My 360 Goals for further discussion or coaching based on the feedback report, if required.

The 360 Goals website:

  • Feels fresh, with a layout that presents information concisely.
  • Easy to navigate, with all the elements positioned in the right places.
  • Uses simple, comprehensive graphics that are easy on the eyes.