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Mishon Mackay is a real estate company in Hove that helps people buy and sell properties without the hassles that come with it. The company prides its self in its credibility, maintaining industry best practices and leveraging its own personal policies to provide customers with great service.

Mishon Mackey also offers its customers markets insight borne from thorough research, and professionals with networks all over the country. The real estate company has a customer base that spans property investors, flippers, first-time buyers and traditional home sellers.

What does Mishon Mackay do?


Mishon Mackey performs a host of real estate services that help people sort out their property deals. Some of them include:

  • Property valuation

Customers looking to put a value on their property, either for refinancing or mortgage taking, hire Mishon Mackay professionals. With easy access to Land Registry data as well as market information, they provide accurate valuations on homes in the UK.

  • Sell homes

Mishon Mackey helps people looking to cash in on their property. With proper pricing, the right renovation projects and access to prospective buyers, the agency helps its clients get their property off market.

  • Advisory services

The organisation’s team of professionals provides market intelligence for investors seeking to make the right property deal on hot areas of market. From commercial institutions to rental apartments, Mishon Mackay ensures its clients place their investments where it counts most.

  • Rental services

In addition to selling commercial properties, Mishon Mackay also helps property-owners manage their to-let buildings. From office structures to apartment complexes, they provide guidance on official services.

Website features

Theme: Website is simplified with a tab header, main body with services offered and colour contrast

Key feature: In the centre of the homepage is a call to action button urging visitors to request free property valuation.

Search: A search tool is available for visitors to find properties to buy or rent

Footer: Contains contact phone number