Laura Ellen is a private professional wedding photographer based in the UK. She has a passion for photographing wedding because according to her, it’s all about the relationships.

Having started in professionally in 2011, Laura is still excited about starting out. She was initially a 2nd photographer to her husband Chris (also a professional photographer) and has sufficient experience to take off independently.

Laura’s photography style is fun, intuitive and adventurous. Weddings are an extremely important occasion, it is therefore vital to keep the couple at ease during each shot. The venue also plays a big role in the backdrop of the photo so Laura does her best to make the most of the surroundings. She loves outdoor shots and especially loves playing with the garden environments.

What service does Laura Ellen offer?

Laura offers private photos of the couple at specific locations:

Barn wedding shots: The barn is offers a rustic yet homely appeal for newlyweds. And Laura’s professional lens capture every quaint feature.

Garden wedding shots: The beauty of a garden wedding is no stranger to anyone. The greenery, shrubs and colourful flowers add a spiritedness to wedding pictures. Ellen aims to capture every verdant moment in glorious technicolour.

She also shoots indoor scenes and other specialised type of wedding photos. There are solos, couples and whole family pictures.

Website feature

High resolution photo: The website is simple and attractive, with a colourful array of images from client wedding shoots.

Centre logo: The Laura Ellen logo is in the centre of the homepage; a name banner wrapped around a floral bouquet.

On the header are links to other pages such as the website blog, contact address, pricing details and more, while the footer has several links to social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, bio and more.