Lanzarote is a family-run vacation retreat that offers eco-friendly holiday homes for vacationers in and around Arrieta, a picturesque, rural village along the North of Canary Islands, Lanzarote.

The company was started in summer of 2007 and has since continued to grow to this day. The founders are Tila and Michelle Braddock, a couple who have lived for more than 2 decades.  Lanzarote Retreats have developed in the past 10 years to become one of the coveted spots in Canary Islands. The retreat offers a wide range of holiday cottages, villas and apartments.

It is also created the original eco-friendly village “Finca De Arrieta” which is located behind Arrieta beach and offers magnificent stone cottages and holiday yurts. The Braddocks selected this part of Lanzarote because of the attractive Finca De Arrieta, and its sentimental value to the family.

What does Lanzarote offer?

The retreat provides a specific package for weekend breaks. There are regular flights to Lanzarote every day of the week, thus making a weekend long package ideal for short term travellers to the Canary Islands. Lanzarote retreats offer a full luxury package that includes accommodation, a welcome pack, stress-free chauffeur airport service and a complimentary bottle of Spanish wine upon arrival.

Guests also have exclusive use of a Prius hybrid to make their stay worthwhile. In addition to the weekend package, Lanzarote also has Guest Holiday Films and a special package for parents travelling solo with their kids. The whole experience is driven by a love for the eco-friendly culture.

Website features

Rich resort images: The website is filled with high resolution images about its retreat and the surrounding environs.

Presentation: The features of the retreat are presented in 3 sets of 6 picture blocks. Each with a text description beneath it summarising the services.

Header tab: The tab contains quick links to the homepage, the about us, blog, accommodation and contact us pages.

Footer area: The footer is a darkened are that lists all available apartments and links to the offers within. A subscribe form field is also visible in the footer.