Kate Forrester is a freelance designer, hand-lettering artist, and illustrator straight out of Brighton, UK. Her career has spanned over a decade in the industry and within that time, she has done work for an extensive range of international clients including some of the best known brands around the globe.

Some of the design and print projects she has completed for clients include work on packaging, advertising campaigns, book covers, advertisements, greeting cards, and many other such creative projects. Kate has landed numerous commissions from big commercial brands and small private clients. Her creative approach to design and her signature hand-drawn style are part of what makes her stand out from the crowd.

In 2005, she graduated from Brighton University and since then, she has been building a name for herself, one creative project at a time. Her detailed, organic style of creating illustrations with words can be seen across a varied range of creative projects, whether it’s sitting on the cover of a book, plastered on several HGVs, covering a couple of chocolate bars, or beaming on a billboard or two.

She loves to explore new and exciting mediums and has worked on a number of interesting projects which involved chocolates, tattoos, wood, laser- cut paper illustrations, and an illustrated cake.

Kate’s world does not revolve around her studio, and when she’s not there, you can expect to find her pottering around Brighton with her lively, naughty twins. Also, her interest in the combat sport of Thailand, Muay Thai, sees her attempting to master “the art of eight limbs”, and in between all that, she can be caught drinking too much coffee.

The website:

  • Is designed to centre around examples of her work.
  • Displays her work in medium size tiles.
  • Uses white space to emphasise her work.