Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy is a well-known provider of specialist pharmacy services to independent hospitals, clinics, and hospices across the UK. The aim of the company is to improve compliance and quality in medicines management.

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy assists healthcare providers with the management and supply of medication and has been doing so for more than 25 years. They have built a name for themselves providing healthcare providers with the tools they need to operate smoothly and successfully, including the supply of medication and medicines management.

With the experience in healthcare they have gathered over the years, Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy has been able to help numerous hospitals attain higher levels of efficiency by improving the quality of their medicines management and reducing their clinical risk.

They have been successful in helping healthcare providers improve management processes by helping them benchmark performance while promoting effective and safe use of medicines. The company also helps enhance their clients’ regulatory compliance and clinical quality, and develops training programmes to improve the quality of patient care and the medical team’s skills.

Ashtons has worked in partnership with some of the most massive independent groups in the UK as well as a number of smaller healthcare providers. They help their clients transform the effectiveness and efficiency of their product supply by obtaining the required medication for either stock orders or Named Patient. Also part of their plan to simplify product supply, they offer easy and speedy ordering for medical supplies and stock medication online.

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