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Pavilion Web is a smart digital agency that understands mobile. We help clients develop lean, agile businesses by reducing costs and time to market while also producing unique functionality. This is what separates regular products from excellent ones.
By combining useful insights with competence and years of experience, our top strategists, product developers and marketing professionals help businesses make the right decisions.

How Pavilion Web helps

Our mobility services strategy can help your brand make informed and intelligent decisions geared towards achieving better business results. We help your business maintain connection in its ecosystem by:

  • Employee services– Improves productivity by 30% through simplified workflows and optimised processes.
  • Field services– Get affordable and unified access to useful business information anywhere, anytime.
  • Consumer services– For an exceptional customer experience through smart and personal communications across various brand touchpoints

Deliver next-level digital user experiences throughout your mobile apps, and adopt smart connected operations


Many businesses struggle with creating a comprehensive plan for communicating with customers, employees and their stakeholders across multiple devices such as wearables, smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT).

Pavilion Web helps businesses in Brighton proffer next-level digital user experiences via their mobile applications, and put together cutting-edge operations connected through IoT and location services.

Enhancing the Mobile User Experience

Our solutions help you provide unrivalled digital experiences through your mobile applications. We also offer endwise services as well as accelerated solution development, tracking and evaluation services. Our cutting-edge solutions take advantage of IoT platforms, together with contextual awareness of our in-house built platform.
We design and develop digital user experiences that ensure a uniform connection between virtual and physical worlds. Pavilion Web also provides suitable information to the appropriate device, at the right time based on context. Our team of developers embed real-time analytics that produce business insights and inform strategic and tactical decisions.

Smart Connected Operations

Pavilion Web offers a comprehensive range of IoT and location services to monitor and oversee operations, supply chains, assets, machines and infrastructure. We merge our IoT solutions, industry best practices and tech partners with in-depth industry data about ways to enhance production and automate processes using analytics. By gaining situational awareness, our engineers develop a mobile strategy that gives clients and edge in their various niches.

Pavilion Web offers mobile strategic services via the following ways:

  • IoT Services; Leverage market-leading Internet of Things (IoT) programs.
  • Mobile Apps: Allow Pavilion Web help you reimagine business and operational processes via mobile apps and then evaluate and execute those mobility solutions. We integrate mobile, IoT and wearable devices to digitise your ecosystem
  • Mobile Strategy Operations: Take advantage of the value of mobility. Build a complete mobile strategy, pin-point promising use cases and leverage data, mobile apps and other services with our professional consulting services. We also provide startup counselling in mobile enterprise architectures.
  • Packaged Mobility: Improve your ability to provide a digital user experience with our mobility software, wearable and IoT solutions.

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