What is IT Mobile Governance?

Mobile governance ensures that services are electronically available via mobile means – phones and other handheld devices – to those who need it, especially business owners and their customers. Having access to these services ensures that Brighton’s business owners can operate on a larger and more global scale, reaching and providing more services to customers in a more cost effective fashion.

Over recent years, mobile technology has undergone a massive expansion and thanks to our services at Pavilion Web, our Brighton clients have begun benefiting from the wonderful avenues mobile technology has to offer. But it’s not just about blindly benefiting from the new world order, we also enable our clients to go about making the best use of the current status quo in the best and most appropriate way possible.

In deciding how best mobile technology can assist our clients deliver their key business objectives, we develop for them an IT governance program that takes their strategic planning efforts into consideration. We then move on to align our mobile IT solutions with the business objectives of our clients. By doing this, we establish a platform through which our clients can best benefit from the status quo of the current mobile environment.

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How IT Mobile Governance can guide us to develop better apps for your business


With the proper IT Mobile Governance in place, our web experts will be better equipped to develop mobile apps for your Brighton business. Apps developed by our team will have the following features.

  • Cross platform capability: iOS and Android are the two leading platforms used by online mobile users. Because of their worldwide popularity and recognition we ensure every app we develop for our Brighton clients is capable of functioning effectively on both operating systems. But we do not limit ourselves to just the popular mobile operating systems. Because we want our clients to be able to reach and serve every possible member of the public, we also develop apps for Windows mobile OS and other less used OS.
  • User friendly: Our intention is to always deliver apps that have a convenient and easy to use user interface, and this is made easier with the execution of an appropriate IT Mobile Governance. We ensure that apps developed for our clients are easy to use because it is a first and very important step in getting customers to actively use the online tool. Once a user is satisfied with the convenience of using a particular app to receive satisfactory services, he/she will have no motivation to switch to other similar apps.
  • Security: To protect both our clients and their customers, we ensure the security of our apps are not compromised and stay that way by providing easily accessible security updates as at when necessary.
  • Analytics: With these feature, our Brighton clients are able to track behaviour and gather data about their consumers regardless their geographical location.
  • Social media: To align with our clients’ business goal of growth, we provide apps with social media integration so that our clients’ wonderful services can be easily and effectively shared with others across social platforms.

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