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If you are looking for a robust and comprehensive brand identity agency in Brighton, Pavilion Web is a name you can count on. We are specialists in brand strategy, design, print and website services for businesses and companies across the Brighton area and beyond.

We work closely with our clients to give them the very best in design services for their brand and their company. We are committed to helping your business grow through effective marketing, advertising and of course branding.

Our Brand Identity services cover everything your business needs to properly launch a brand. We have years of experience when it comes to launching brands on both a small and large scale basis. We have worked with private, public and industrial clients, delivering commendable results every single time.

More than Just a Logo and Colour Theme

Here at Pavilion Web, we understand that brand success only comes from unique identity in the niche as a result of a mix of all the aspects of brand identity. This includes: Logo, Voice, Slogan, Character, Icons, Illustrations, Photography, Typography, Colour and Brand Mark.

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Your Personal Brand Identity Agency


Pavilion Web is committed to helping business thrive in their marketplace. We are your personalised branding agency as we are always on hand to take care of branding, design and print needs anytime you need them.

We do not dictate terms to our clients or adopt a stiff-necked policy. We work closely with our clients in a clear and simplified manner instead of confusing our clients. We will only offer advice on how to gain customers, generate business and grow your brand. Your success is our satisfaction.

Comprehensive Solutions You Can Count On

Few agencies are able to match us in terms of comprehensiveness. We are fully equipped to tackle all processes of launching a brand. We will implement your strategy and design from the website literature to packaging and advertising to marketing and signage. The importance of proper implementation cannot be overemphasised. A good brand identity that is poorly implemented is as bad as having none at all.

Proper brand identity implementation across digital and printed media is vital for reaching your customers with the right message. We take on board, all positive and negative results pertaining to the brand and make changes to ensure customer growth and brand recognition.

With Pavilion Web, you don’t have to work with multiple agencies on web, print & marketing and design. This beneficial to your business as working with one agency across these fronts ensures maintenance of brand identity and consistency across every facet of your media and marketing.

Call us today to kick start your Brand Identity projects. From one-off projects to ground-up projects, we will always deliver.

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