Pavilion Web helps business in Brighton Identify opportunities, sort out issues and explore creative avenues to produce disruptive products.

Over the years, working with clients all around the world to build innovative products, we have learnt what is likely to work and what wouldn’t. The best way to help our clients is to share the experiences we have encountered.

Our ideation process serves to identify opportunities, iron-out issues and consider various ways to build disruptive products.

We take a three-pronged step to achieve successful product ideation

  1. Understanding
  2. Exploration
  3. Verification


Organising the team

Every project differs and this is evident in the approach we use for each one. You get access to our senior team; digital evangelists who are passionate about turning ideas into a commercially viable reality. In the initial discovery phase, everybody brainstorms together in the same room, working through each aspect of the current product. In this stage, we ask a lot of questions to formulate a plan of execution.

If you have a persistent business problem, a concept for the next smart app or a desire to outsmart your competition, we are at your service.




Towing the right path forward

Now that we have an idea of what your problems are and how the can be resolved, the next stage of our process is based on the theory of the best course of action. We perform significant amounts of research to compare and contrast the strength and weakness of each solution.

We also take into account the best technological approach and what type of project will produce the most suitable results. During this stage, we work with you as partners to deliver a successful project, based on the opportunities presented and the challenges we encounter together.


Collaboration through interaction

At Pavilion Web, Brighton our designers see prototyping as a critical part of most projects. People’s interaction with digital products change every day; this change varies exponentially across various devices, screen sizes and technology. By developing interactive, touch-sensitive prototypes, we can explore our concepts together in the real world and alleviate risk.

In this stage, we migrate from what could be to what should be. Our prototypes are tested in the real world, with you, the target audience and even the bigger market.


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As the popular saying goes, anyone who fails to plan, plans to fail. Get in touch with Pavilion Web and validate your ideas by allowing us scrutinise them with our insight. When you share your experiences with us, your increase the chances of your project’s success.

We are a digitally oriented team. Every professional at our agency has a wide range of exposure that multiplies your options for a truly innovative concept. Are you in the market for new ideas? You are better off talking to us.

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