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How long does it take to create a website?

A lot depends on the complexity of the design and the number of required revisions. Number of pages and functionality required also dictate the pace at which a website gets created. When we get your requirements we will be able to give you a timeframe for your website.

Can I see my website while it's in progress?

Certainly! At Pavilion Web, we heartily encourage our customers to get involved in the process as much as possible. A username and password is provided to you to be able to log in and monitor progress on your site.

Is there a minimum starting price/budget?

At Pavilion Web, we handle all budgets, both big and small. We evaluate the price for each client’s work based on their goals, and ability.

How do I get my website evaluated?

We perform a detailed evaluation on your current site before we begin to build you a new one or work on updating the current one. During evaluation, we examine your current page speed, search engine visibility, mobile friendliness and more. Get a free evaluation now. Call us on 01273 671555

What is user-centred design?

It is the process of designing a service with focus on the needs of the users from the beginning. Typically, website designers add in consideration for site users after the website has been designed. Our designs can be counted on to be user-centred. Throughout development till launch, we ensure that your site users enjoy your new site with each click.

Can I purchase logos featured online in Pavilion Web galleries?

Sadly, no. Unless specifically noted, all the sample logos on our website gallery is copyright or trademark of the client it was created for, and they are not for sale. We however include stock artwork occasionally which you can purchase online, with exclusive rights or walk into our studio in Brighton to discuss with our brilliant team of designers and we will design one for you.

Does Pavilion Web provide printing services?

Pavilion Web does not directly provide printing services. We make use of the services of printing partners and we recommend them to our clients. Our trusted printing partners deliver professional and high quality products each time. What’s more, they offer a discount on every first order.

What If I Am Not Happy With My Design?

Our company provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed! When you choose from any of our packages, we offer revisions necessary till we achieve the design you desire. Our process is completely customer-centred as we work with you to deliver high class, high impact results. We use strategies which over time have proved their effectiveness in delivering outcomes that delight and satisfy.

Does My Website Need To Be Mobile Friendly?

Absolutely. Mobile friendliness is a key factor in successful web design. Mobile devices like phones and tablets make up for approximately 60% of traffic on search engines. You lose countless potential customers if your website is not mobile friendly. Pavilion Web experts in Brighton are highly capable of creating a fresh new mobile friendly website for you.

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