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Pavilion Web is an SEO company based in Brighton, Sussex, providing clients with a top quality onsite SEO service. When designing and developing a new website, it is crucial to hire an expert SEO service to provide professional onsite SEO to help you get started on the right foot. Even when you have an already established website, you’ll need first-rate onsite SEO to help you achieve and maintain high rankings.

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Getting it right

Pavilion Web is a professional SEO service in Brighton that has talented SEO experts to get you your desired results. Getting onsite SEO right is not a trivial matter as doing it badly can cause your site to lose rankings, however, when done properly – putting all search engine guidelines into consideration – onsite SEO can cause your site to see an influx of specially targeted traffic. To keep your site visible to search engines, we’ll carefully analyse the structure of your site and make recommendations for improving accessibility, usability, general site architecture, among other crucial ranking factors.

We know exactly what to do with keywords

It would be impossible to achieve your desired rankings if you cannot get Google to rank your website for the appropriate keywords. With onsite SEO, the goal is to optimise the content on your website such that each page has its own set of specific keywords that are both regularly searched by your customers and are relevant to the page. We’ll conduct keyword research, helping you create new pages that target the new set of keywords. We’ll help you pick suitable keywords for your site, and map these keywords across the website. Next, we’ll carefully spread a number of natural internal and external anchor text keyword links across the site, helping you build authority to each page. We’ll optimise page copy, titles and headers using niche-specific key phrases and valid HTML tags.

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We are the go-to onsite SEO service in Brighton

If you are in Brighton and want to start making your website more visible, Pavilion Web will provide you expert onsite SEO services to get your website ranking highly. As speed has become an extremely important ranking factor, we may have to optimise your site’s code and files to ensure your page loads faster. We’ll also ensure your site’s code is W3C compliant in order to enable search engines accurately view and interpret your website. We’ll pinpoint and handle any issues with duplicated content and make sure your URLs are keyword-rich and search engine friendly.

You want to be able to create a unique and natural experience for users, cleverly including relevant keywords in your content while remaining on brand. We’ll help you reinforce your brand’s tone of voice and tailor your content towards creating a more engaging experience for visitors. In the complex world of search engine optimisation, it can be difficult to find your feet, and that’s why you need the best Brighton has to offer – Pavilion Web.


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