Development and Quality Assurance at Pavilion Web

We are a technology company based in Brighton with a huge commitment to implementing high quality systems that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our focus is on development of services that create great experiences for our customers and optimise company processes. Each aspect of our development process is carried out with the goal of creating a more flexible and efficient workflow.


Great Quality Assurance at Pavilion Web in Brighton

Based in Brighton, we aim to provide high quality services that are affordable, easy to maintain and work efficiently in the current I. T. infrastructure.

As a result of an ever increasing number of tech devices, coming with different screen sizes and in several OS systems and other hardware, each website or application needs to be tested across the broad range of device specifications to check how it works in the different environments. We play with a wide range of mobile devices covering the latest in computer and mobile software. We do not carry out any official launching until we are sure that heavy testing has been carried out and passed, supplying guidance on the best keywords and descriptions in the process through the use of automated monitoring systems.

What can we do for you?

It is very easy to miss things when different people are working on a project. Pavilion Web is unique because we spoil our customers. We have a quality assurance team highly involved in customer service and user-support communications. This means that all usability defects get reviewed and revised.


Our Promise to You

The way your website is presented speaks volumes to your potential clients. From layout to aesthetics and design of website, first impressions are crucial. There are a lot of things that could go wrong in a website; complicated coding errors and the like unfortunately do happen. This is where the importance of quality assurance comes into play

At Pavilion Web, we are interested in minimizing product defects, increasing quality and enhancing the user experience of products and services developed by Pavilion Web. Our quality assurance process involves conducting rounds of inspections, tests, reviews and feedbacks which we carry out throughout the lifecycle of our projects and initiatives. This is how we deliver high quality products to you. Our quality assurance team works with various teams and departments within Pavilion Web to ensure that all our projects meet the industry’s high standard and requirements.

At Pavilion Web we go over Details with a Professional Eye

Our development team never overlooks the details. We understand that is where the naughty things happen and we have designed a solid quality assurance protocol to satisfy our customers. We combine requirement testing, design testing and functionality testing in our quality assurance tests. This means our development team does not omit any requirements in the development process.

At Pavilion Web, we take a holistic approach to our development and quality assurance process. We examine your whole business, evaluate all the options best suited to your business goals and recommend the best strategies that will give you the greatest return for each pound spent.

Whether you are a local brick-and-mortar business located in Brighton or an e-commerce business, call us today 01273 671555



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