Perhaps, more important than the function of an app is its design and user experience. If users don’t have a good time using your app, they’ll not be interested in using it again or at all. Here at Pavilion Web, we are passionate about design and would love to work with you to make your next project a success.


It’s all about the user

Our talented design and UX experts craft aesthetically appealing and highly functional designs with the end users at the core of the entire process. Whatever the nature of your project or the scope of your ideas, we’ll produce an app with delightful user interfaces across multiple platforms. We’ll go through the development of your concept with you, helping you put things in perspective with the knowledge we have gained from conducting research.

Armed with a thorough understanding of your business, customers, and competitors, we are able to guide the rest of the app creation process with ease.

Unique creative process

At Pavilion Web, our brilliant team of designers use a unique creative process to craft the most charming, tailored experiences for users. We focus on ensuring the app is functional and usable, simple to navigate and easy to learn. We are not interested in simply building fancy looking apps that offer no real value to users or are a hassle to use. Not only will the interface be user-friendly, but it will also reflect your brand identity, ensuring users have a more personal experience with your brand. We cleverly integrate beautiful rhythm into the interface to bring your brand to life on screens.

We like to put down original concepts on paper, later digitising them to form the basis of our initial prototypes. Using wireframes, our designers plan the flow and navigation of every single screen, and determine the structure and content of the app according to your needs and specifications, from which they are able to design an exceptional app.

Tailored solutions

At Pavilion Web, we have created bespoke apps for businesses in Brighton that have helped boost their visibility and level of engagement with customers. We don’t have a process or formula cast in stone, but we create unique solutions for each of our clients. We’ll help you stand out from others in your niche and with our constantly refined process, we’ll continually optimise to ensure we produce the highest performing solutions.

Merging appealing design with exceptional user experience, our experienced designers map out the user journey and create interface designs to capture users.

While apps are priced according to their functionality, usability, and performance, at Pavilion Web, you are sure to get a fair price.
We are the chosen app developer in Brighton because our award-winning apps have been exceedingly beneficial for our clients. Our solutions have empowered their businesses to reach out and engage more with customers via Android, iOS, or web apps. We create beautiful, engaging, and highly functional apps that work across devices and look good on any screen size.

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