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Social media goes beyond Twitter and Facebook. The success of your social media campaigns is dependent on finding the platform that best resonates with your target audience. With our social media service here at Pavilion, we do our best to keep in complete control of your brand messages across various social media networks. Our processes are hinged on a holistic understanding of your specific business needs and challenges.

We don’t deploy a blanket approach as we understand the need for bespoke solutions to properly address what matters to your company. Below are some of our services:

Social Consultancy

Our social strategy is based on helping businesses like your own to create a bespoke social strategy. Do you need us to build your social presence from scratch or do you have in-house marketing teams who need expert hand holding? You can count on us to effectively deliver the best results.


Brand Conformity


With this service, we take time to find appropriate usernames for your brand’s social media profiles and ensure adherence to brand language and theme. We equally ensure conformity to the brand voice when addressing your target audience.

Social Media Tone

Businesses use social media differently. If you don’t know what the right social media tone for your business should be, we can help you.


Social Monitoring


With our expertise, we will ensure you are always in the know about communications that are relevant to you. What are your target audience saying about you? It is vital for you to always stay ahead of the conversation and jump in where necessary.

PPC for Social

With PPC for social, we can improve your presence and generate interest in a new product via new products. Some of the approaches we take with social ads include: Sponsored Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube content, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, promoted tweets and accounts on Twitter.


Creative Content

With our social team, you can be certain of fast, reactive updates that hit home and triggers conversation. Let us give your brand widespread coverage within and outside your niche.

Social Analytics

Here at Pavilion, we love data. Our social analytics will highlight important information regarding various facets of your social campaign. We will equally use information garnered to refine your social strategy in order to deliver tangible results.


Let Us Help You Today!

We take pride in the fact that we have worked with dozens of Brighton businesses and continue to enjoy referrals and recommendations. We firmly believe we can add you to this escalating number. Contact us today for bespoke pricing that is only based on your peculiar situation and objectives. We are waiting to discuss your needs. Let us show you how we can improve your business with our social media marketing services.

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