Content Managed Solutions (CMS)

Web Content Management Systems (WCM or WCMS), are web-based systems that allow the user to create, manage and delivery information to their site. Once our team have built your site, CMS puts you in the driving seat, giving you the ability to edit the content of your website without the help of one of our technical team. It’s extremely cost effective and flexible; the perfect for solution for your business for when you need to take control.

Our team at Pavilion Web always make sure they stay up to date with CMS development in order to provide the right solution for our customers. Content Management Systems are ever evolving to facilitate more and more, and it’s important that we’re able to provide you with the highest quality, most intuitive system we possibly can. An intuitive system will have a high internal uptake of usage, is easy to use and lasts longer.

How does it work?

The basic roles of a CMS are three fold; the content creator, reviewer and publisher. Using an internet browser, the user will be able to create and edit content that is then published live on their site. All content must be reviewed by an authorized user before it can be published and all interactions are tracked and stored in a database.

Our clients find CMS incredibly beneficial as it allows them to take complete control over the page structure. Our CMS at Pavilion Web allows you to easily update your website without any technical training required. You don’t need to install any software either as all of the editing is done on a browser.

With CMS you can:

  • change/ upload images
  • add interactive content (eg. video)
  • upload documents
  • choose custom ‘calls to action’ to drop in to individual pages

CMS Solutions and Options

At Pavilion Web, we’re fluent in any coding language; NET, PHP., you name it! This allows us to provide you with a system that is not only sturdy and flexible but will stand the test of time against the ever-developing world of the internet. When building a site for your business you need it to be a long term investment which means that all the programming on our end needs to be completely and utterly future-proof.

Our customers reap the benefits of having a versatile and fluent coding team as it allows us to work with ANY content management system (whether it be Concrete5, WordPress or Magento), or create an entirely bespoke solution if that’s what your company requires.

The most common options include:

Article Marketing


You can’t argue with the CMS used by leading brands such as Microsoft, Sony and Ford! Umbraco is industry leading and almost completely unrivaled when it comes innovation and forward thinking. If you’re looking for ample flexibility that’s long lasting then Umbraco is the one for you.


WordPress holds the reputation for being the most user friendly CMS. One of the biggest perks to be enjoyed by using WordPress is that it’s an open source platform. This means that there’s a team of people who run WordPress that are constantly developing and updating it so you can enjoy new plugins and custom features on your own site instantaneously and without cost. If you’re looking for stability and ease of use, WordPress will never fail.


Owned by Ebay, it is no surprise that Magento is the CMS for you if the aim of your business is to be selling products online; the custom options for selling products online on this CMS are endless. Though this platform is most beneficial to E-Commerce sites, don’t think you have to be providing this type of service to use Magento. Magento has an excellent, all-round reputation and allows your business to grow in a cost effective, pain-free manner.

The aim of a CMS is to leave you in good, capable hands once our Pavilion Web Developers have finished your site. Get in touch to discuss your CMS options and requirements with us today!


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