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At Pavilion Web, we do more than develop mobile apps. We work with clients on all aspects of their digital projects, from ideation to prototyping and final presentation. We help make your minimum viable product feasible; bringing your ideas to reality. Building your app or website is only a part of our process.

Building and IT Road Map for Mobile

Because our designers and developers are such sticklers for detail, we have formulated a working process that ensures your mobile platforms have a well-defined strategy. This roadmap guides our design and development from conception to final production. We cover all issues along the way to guarantee you have a product that is completely practical.

Considerations for Defining Your Mobile’s IT Strategy


We rationalise the business demand

At Pavilion Web, Brighton, we are not just engineers, we are also business-minded professionals. We perform a business analysis of the general industry to determine your product’s chances of success. This includes evaluating the mobile scenarios across B2C, B2E2C, B2E and B2B.

We rationalise demand based on device ownership. How many mobile users in the market will need the product? What kind of device does it work on? Is it something that works on multiple platforms? Our engineers also consider the innovation posture. Innovative quality is extremely important when it comes to digital products.

Finally, we assess the technological implications across all aspects of IT; the people, process and the application itself. We also cover the ease of implementation and ability to extend it across the major focus areas.

We assess your readiness

Sometimes, companies have great ideas, but are not in the right position to take off. Simply put, their systems and processes are yet to catch up with the level of their product. We evaluate your mobility structure and produce a mobility report card. This involves:

  • Mobile strategy
  • Enterprise info management
  • IT delivery and support
  • Network infrastructure
  • Security infrastructure
  • Mobile device management platform
  • App development platform

A thorough assessment of these (and more) helps us understand your organisation’s position and how to begin

We check the risk components

Our road map includes an IT risk assessment. We use case categorization to check the risk and levels of exposure of your proposed idea. This involves a risk matrix where we measure the risk against the business value to decide if it is actionable or not.

Types of exposure:

  • User data, customer information, financial and so on. The product must be able to provide adequate protection for users and customers alike.

Impact of exposure:

  • Public perception, legal implications and financial aspects

Mobile Device Management

Our developers conduct an MDM test. It is important to have a well-defined management structure for your mobile product. This will cover:

  • Understanding what you will manage
  • Policies on various usage and device types
  • Are the devices ‘personal’ or will they be managed by a corporate MDM?

Readiness test

Finally, we define an action plan that measures the product’s impact in weeks (not months). This means preparing actionable steps, prioritizing value, readiness and cost, and organising production into phases; iterative.

With this roadmap, we have helped many businesses in Brighton build seamless digital experiences for their customers.

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