Business Analysis

Pavilion Web specialises in discovering the strengths and weaknesses in your app development. We also produce robust plans aimed at successful implementation.

Our industry-leading technique offers accurate, metrics-based analysis for complex industries. Whether you are developing and app that simplifies lives or a website that proffers solutions, we work with your management and staff to understand and document their everyday tasks.

This enables us provide an independent perspective where improvements can be made. If you want a team in Brighton you can trust, contact us today and find out more.

Pain Points Analysis

Anything that interferes with the day-to-day running of your business can be classified as a pain point. You might know yours already; and you may consider them insignificant. However, the truth is that, even the seemingly harmless situations can escalate over time, affecting your productivity and eventually, the bottom-line.

At Pavilion Web, Brighton, our professionals will review the way your product works from end to end. They will meet with your key designers and product managers to learn about challenges currently encountered, as well as those that may occur in the future.

We will pin point your business’ common problems with regards to the product. This will include root cause identification and development of sustainable solutions to support the business and promote future growth.

We may proffer disruptive solutions which could force you to re-adapt your current operations, but rest assured it is in line with the evolving business environment. As a digital agency, our designers and developers are highly in tune with modern digital developments. They will guide you towards solutions based on your suggestions and our insights.

Data Quality Assessments

The consequences of poorly monitored data or one that’s lacking quality can be counterproductive. Our quality assessment team can eradicate those problems by delivering an objective view of the issues affecting your product. They will ensure the right data is being collected and analysed.

We will organise a meet with you major stakeholders to establish the root problem and why. Members of our team will also analyse your data extracts and examine the processes behind it, to make sure data is being correctly filtered for accuracy, relevance and importance. It is from these results that we will develop a new strategy for data management.

Revitalising Business Strategies

If you are looking to re-brand or rejuvenate your business, it is extremely important to review your current business processes so you can understand where your business is at the moment, and where you want it to be.

Our team of analytics experts will perform a review of your existing processes to know the type of technology your business is using, the people involved, the business structure and its current operations. Documenting the ‘as is’ status of your business will provide us with a critical foundation to develop working improvements.

Pavilion Web is a renowned digital agency capable of bring your products to date with our knowledge of modern technology, smart UX and business operation


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