Solid foundation

At Pavilion Web, the apps we create are supported with the most reliable backend technology and content management systems. Our experience in the field combined with the use of the latest technology is sure to present a finished product you’ll be pleased with.

The magic behind the scenes

While the design team creates the stunning user interface and design you see on the screen, our backend developers are responsible for making the vision of the design team a working reality. Much like the production crew on a movie set, they do the dirty work behind the scenes to ensure the app runs smoothly. The part we can’t see – the backend – is responsible for processing tons of information and making complex calculations for you. Our talented developers are proficient with numerous coding languages and are able to swiftly decide which to use achieve the desired results.

When you trust Pavilion Web to handle your backend programming, you can be sure that your users won’t have to deal with annoying delays and your app will update with supersonic speed. We are optimistic and eager to see your business grow exponentially within a short time, so we build our solutions with scalability in mind, ensuring you’ll always have extra power reserves from the backend.

Manage your app like a pro

It makes little sense to store an app’s content within the app itself as this would require the app owner to resubmit it to the app store after every content update. Not only will this increase the application’s size but it will also significantly delay releases. Another issue is the app owner would have to update the apps independently on different platforms such as Android and iPhone. Using a mobile CMS eliminates these issues and ensures the content for the app comes from a single system, no matter the number of platforms the app is on.

As there is no default or perfect database structure that works with every kind of situation, we’ll create a custom-made solution for your Brighton-based business. Taking a knack from designers, our developers make use of validated design principles and best practices to develop elegant CMS admin panels that are highly usable.

Take charge of your app

At Pavilion Web, we create apps that are tailored to our client’s needs. When developing an app, there are a myriad of choices to pick from as regards what backend technology to use. Our talented team of expert developers will use the programming language best suited for your needs and provide a solid backbone for your android, iOS, or web application, ensuring it runs smoothly at all times. We are qualified to build sturdy, reliable backend solutions to guarantee a foolproof app.

At Pavilion Web, we’ll build you a custom backend solution to make managing your app’s content a breeze. Otherwise, we’ll help you select a reliable API-based CMS such as Contentful, or others like WordPress or Drupal that have plug-ins that let us add API features.



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