Human-technology interaction

Usability refers to the interaction a person makes with an app’s interface. For an app to demonstrate good usability, the user must be able to seamlessly perform tasks based on the options available on the screen.

It’s a fast-paced world where numerous distractions keep competing for customers’ attention and an app that is not easy to use will be thrown aside and quickly forgotten. It doesn’t matter how much you say your app does if people can’t use it.

It takes less than a second for users to form an opinion about your product and opinions spread quickly; if it’s negative, your reputation could be badly affected. At the core of successful app development is usability, and at Pavilion Web, we don’t depend entirely on how functional an app is – we take it a step further by ensuring the app works well for users.

Usability is at the core of our development process

Apps are an excellent way to boost your business but they can have the exact opposite result if appropriate measures are not taken to make the app usable. Users need to able to perform basic tasks easily without having to repeatedly click around.

Our talented team of developers utilise usability engineering to identify users’ needs and ensure your app achieves their goals efficiently and effectively. We deal with user issues and ensure your app works perfectly for its intended audience. We create intuitive designs and interfaces, ensuring the app is easy to learn and efficient to use, memorable and totally satisfying for the user.


Ripple effect


A highly usable app will have higher traffic, conversions and transactions, subsequently attracting even more customers – it’s a ripple effect that goes on and on.

Cut costs

Let us help you save money in the long run when we design your app to be highly usable. The more usable your product, the less likely it is that you would have to spend money training or providing support for those that are meant to use it. There’ll be no need to call help lines and no need to employ help desk staff or other online support models.

Through our user-centred design process, we are able to significantly reduce the frequency of bug fixes and maintenance builds that may pop up after launch.

Hire the best for the job

Here, at Pavilion Web, we understand how crucial usability is to the success of your app, and that’s why we are the go-to agency in Brighton for developing highly usable apps that never fail to impress.

We take guessing out of the equation by regularly conducting usability tests in a bid to improve usability. We have been helping businesses in Brighton build usable apps that are a delight to use. We design apps that are super easy to navigate, ensuring users can find exactly what they need. Focusing on usability does not mean we overlook the aesthetics in any way; we use visually stunning and functional designs to attain usability.

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