At Pavilion Web, we ensure that all applications and software we design and develop for our Brighton clients are extensively tested before they are launched to the public. We do this to ensure our clients get the best value for their money from their requested service with no complaints. Through our test techniques, we can easily identify and eliminate software bugs (errors), and verify the application is fit for consumer and stakeholder use.

Our experts at Pavilion Web carry out software testing by investigating all aspects of a developed software through rigorous testing and evaluation. This will provide us information concerning the quality of the app or software, and insight into which of its aspects requires further improvement. Not only that, we also provide our clients results from testing to provide them information concerning the risk and reward of implementing the application that’s been tested.


What our testing and evaluation reveals


When our experts begin testing, they soon determine if the following are in place;

  • If the application or software satisfies, or better yet, exceeds the requirements of our client.
  • If the application or software is responding as expected to all forms of input and navigation.
  • If the application is optimally performing its functions within a satisfactory frame of time
  • If the application has sufficient security measures in place.
  • If the application can be installed and run on the operating system it’s intended for.

We are constantly improving our testing practices and strategies in order to keep up with the ever evolving mobile app market. By doing this, we deliver application solutions that will set our clients apart from their competitors.

What do we take into consideration when building and testing apps for our clients?

When developing apps for our clients’ business, we ensure that we have the right information that will enable us design an app to best serve our clients’ major and minor business goals. When testing, we make sure all necessary features are in place and in line with the client’s strategic goals. Some of the detailed information we make sure to get from our clients include;

  • What the mobile app is being created to accomplish and how it will fit into the business’ mobile marketing strategy.
  • The demographic of the consumers our client’s business is targeting.
  • What our client expects their consumers to accomplish by using the app.
  • What operating systems do our clients expect the app to run on (we make sure every app we develop can run across all platforms).
  • When would the client like the app to be ready to go live
  • What added features will the client like the app to have, and what would the client prefer the app’s core appeal to be.

While carrying out our testing strategies and evaluation, we also make sure to test the app under different bandwidth, protocol, and load conditions, to be sure all users and stakeholders can enjoy its use, regardless the quality of their internet connection.

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