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There are a multitude of apps out there, but consumers will always go for the best in the various app market niches. A high-performing app is one that combines a beautiful design with a responsive interface to offer end users a seamless and immersive experience as well as immense value. Such an app must be bug-free and highly functional, and this is only achievable through proper quality assurance.

Our Quality Assurance Testing Approach at Pavilion Web, Brighton

At Pavilion Web, Brighton, we understand that each app development project is unique. Hence, we leverage our many years of expertise in the app development market to design appropriate quality assurance testing strategies for each project.

These strategies are not only unique, but also innovative, and they ensure that we transcend the many challenges that typically arise during developmental stages and thus assure stellar efficiency and reliability. Our approach is highly comprehensive and helps us deliver client-focused results, satisfactory user-experience, intuitive interfaces, and flawless functionalities.


Our approach includes but is not limited to:

Manual testing conducted by Pavilion Web’s certified test engineers in Brighton, who play the role of end users and push each app’s features to their limits to ensure that they respond correctly.

Automated app testing with minimal human involvement. We are always improving the app automation testing tools we leverage to enhance accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and speed in our quality assurance services.

Complete visual Quality Assurance testing ensures that the final product meets the specifications surrounding its design and development, is sufficiently usable, is installable and can run in the intended environments, correctly responds to all inputs, and performs its functions within an acceptable time.

Quality assurance consulting or third-party app testing. This is a redundant approach that we employ at Pavilion Web Brighton to ensure that there are no discrepancies in our original in-house testing.

For performance testing, we use high-end and next-generation testing tools and strategies to ensure that apps are responsive, user-friendly, robust, stable, secure, and runs at the desired speed.

At Pavilion Web, Brighton, we conduct quality assurance on multiple devices and environments, and this is carried out throughout the development stages. Whether the project pertains to iOS, Android, or cross-platform app development, our quality assurance tools and strategies ensure that we deliver a final product that is high-performing and highly usable. In fact, our quality assurance ensures our clients receive nothing short of the apps they envisioned.

Benefits of Pavilion Web Brighton App Development Quality Assurance

Swift Results: Today’s business environment is highly competitive. When you need your app developed, tested, and ready for use in a short time to give you an edge over your competitors, our app development quality assurance service will give you expedited results without any compromise to quality.

100% Transparency and Satisfaction:
At Pavilion Web Brighton, our clients are always in control and receive regular updates on the progress of their app’s quality assurance testing. And we never stop tweaking and testing until we get the desired result.

Quality Assurance Warranty: At Pavilion Web, our app development quality assurance is risk-free. This is evident in the fact that we offer a 6-month warranty to give our clients ample time to see how their apps perform in the field. This implies that we will fix any defects discovered within the warranty period at no extra cost.

A Bug-Free App: This is not a joke.
Our immense expertise, high-end testing tools, and multiple testing strategies ensure that we pinpoint and eliminate all bugs in the final product.

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