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Every digital company needs to be able to present its design for its minimum viable product. This requires making a prototype. But why is prototyping so important today? Almost 50% of designs are late or never get to market stage, and nearly 30% fail after release. No doubt, the product is often fraught with issues in the design stage.

To prevent such mistakes, an efficient prototype is necessary to facilitate presentation and testing. At Pavilion Web, we provide digital prototyping services guaranteed to bring your designs to reality. From small mobile designs to large digital elements, we have the ability and trusted network of manufacturers to produce working prototypes.

Our design team provides state-of-the-art 3D printing and rapid prototyping services ideal for sketch mock-ups from ideation to final presentation prototypes.

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Design and Prototype

Pavilion Web produces cost-effective product designs and prototyping services, including 3D CAD. We specialise in working developing working prototypes for clients in Brighton and its neighbouring environs. Our services are available to individuals, start-ups and pre-established companies with a product concept that requires development or an existing product in need of refurbishment.

Prototyping steps

Smart Idea

Paper design

With an exciting innovative idea for a new device, people often ten to skip the paper design stage and get busy with the physical prototype. At Pavilion Web, our designers take paper design as a necessary process in building any prototype. If you have an idea, you may share it with us, otherwise, we can brainstorm possible designs and develop them onto our paper right away.

Define what you want

We listen carefully to our customers’ ideas and develop actionable goals for each project. We try to make every requirement as detailed and specific as possible. That way we don’t leave out any detail; our designers are meticulous that way. It is also at this stage we conduct research to determine the feasibility of your design.

Abstract components from defined requirements

With abstract components, we can describe an application without necessarily needing to define how to write it. Abstraction also generalises the application to a high level of conceptualisation. Two major types of abstraction are procedural and data. In procedural abstraction, we separate what the procedure accomplishes from how it is executed. In data abstraction, the data to be stored is separated from the physical means of storing it.

Flow charts

With our abstract set of components, we use a flowchart to progress towards a software design. Flowcharts help us develop a sound understanding of the application flow by itemising the application into manageable parts. We do this for all applications from a website wireframe to a mobile abb.

Prototype of a user interface

Usually, the ideal time to prototype a user interface is when there is a transition from paper design to software. Prototyping a user interface enable us think through the design application and architecture requirements as we make the transition.

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