Make your app look and feel good

At Pavilion Web, we believe mobile apps must create a unique connection with each individual user, delivering a pleasant and immersive experience. The user interface of any app bears heavily on the overall experience it offers users. When an app is designed well, users will keep coming back and they’ll enjoy using the app every single time.

It’s more than just pretty colours

At Pavilion Web, we have invested our resources into providing an all-round interface design service. We understand that creating a smooth experience for users depends largely on the harmonious relationship between UI and UX. Designs should look good, but interface design goes beyond looking glamorous or trendy. Every detail of your app must be designed to allow users easily navigate through the app. Our team comprises a unique crop of specialised designers who have gathered valuable experience through the years. We’ll help you create apps that are immediately lovable. For us, every new project is an opportunity to create a novel design tailored to the end user.

We are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for all who use our apps. Working with notable brands in Brighton, we’ve been able to provide unique, innovative interface design solutions.

What is good UI?

Good UI must be useful, allowing users achieve their desired aim with little time and effort. The more useful the app’s design, the better your return on investment. Our team of talented designers can help you create a simple interface that your users can easily learn and use to perform key tasks in a breeze. The perfect interface will win the hearts of the users, making them feel empowered. Because we know the business of user interface design like the back of our hand, we’ll help save you money by ensuring you never have to go through costly re-works.

We use a design language that merges basic design principles with technology and innovation. All the bits are created in a single unique style that allows us integrate them into new pages and projects to create new solutions when needed.

How we do it

Using UI sketches and wireframes, we create our early prototypes developed with an all-inclusive set of parameters. On paper, we put down the possible layouts of the app’s interface and swiftly go over various concepts such as layout structure, fonts, patterns, colour palettes, and all the other technical and aesthetic aspects of the project. Next, we digitise the nominated design course, adding intricate details and precision. Through the creative process, we concentrate on bringing your brand’s identity to life through a consistent, functional, and refined user interface.

We constantly test different concepts and create interactive demos that capture all or part of the proposed UI. We simulate how your new app will perform when released by testing a version of the app with actual people and actual devices. User testing allows us notice areas that require improvements before they become issues that eventually become expensive to fix.


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