Interaction Design: The Pavilion Web Way

Pavilion Web is an industry-leading design and development company based in Brighton. At Pavilion Web, our interaction services begin at the early stage of development. We provide services that help to create a link between the requirements and specifications of business and offer developers and leaders a visual map of the options open to them for important user strategies and schemes through the application.

Interaction Design that Connects

As development progresses, redesign options or upgrades in functionality can be carried out through our wireframes. We place emphasis on persona development, key user strategies and designs in our wireframe so that before you begin to spend resources on code, you are sure of the perfect user experience for you.

At Pavilion Web, our practice has matured in broadness and depth. With interaction designs that are as strategic and creative as they are technical, we are able to address all key challenges as they relate to our clients’ design. Our interactions and interfaces prove our ability to competently strategize user experience and solve any complex issues along the way as they emerge.

whether you have a product not meeting its full potential, or simply spending too much on support costs and training, Pavilion Web’s team of experts in interaction design will create solutions to seamlessly connect your inter-relationships among user, business and technology.

Our Tested and Trusted Process of Interaction Design

We find out your goals for your business, how the system works, your areas of concern and the target audience you wish to reach with your website or application. We then go ahead to meet with those who regularly utilise the current system to gain an understanding of the ways they use it and how it fits in to their work. This will help us to analyse their experiences and expose the areas that need improvements.

We get ideas for design through focusing on broad themes and on the areas in need of improvement, before we carry on with the concept design. The final stage in our interaction design process is carried out by our team of designers and developers who understand the importance of providing usable website experiences to reach full website potential.

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Interaction Design Services in Brighton

Pavilion Web team of designers work tirelessly around the clock to provide our clients in Brighton with the best quality they can afford. We love challenges and we thrive on solving all of your design problems. Armed with experiences from our long list of successful interaction design solutions for products, consumer websites and other interactive tools and interfaces, strategic and tactical domain issues are a walk over as far as we are concerned.

Full Service Interaction Design

Pavilion Web offers full service interaction design. We are here to assist in every way we can to realise your idea through providing concepts, premium development and designs for all kinds of digital solutions.

Our strength lies in the production of aesthetic solutions created from the latest trends in interaction design technology. We create designs that inform, educate and entertain by seamlessly fusing digital processes into physical structures.

We have everything you need to start you own exciting project with us at Pavilion. Web Contact Us 01273 671555

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