App interconnectivity

The world has become a global village because of the grand and intricate interconnectivities that pervade about every aspect of human interaction. APIs and middleware allow us leverage interconnectivity between apps and other apps, or apps and operating systems.

Boundless connectivity

Application programming interfaces (API) are required by applications to perform key functions such as accessing the file system on a program. A program’s API determines the appropriate method for a developer to request services from that program. At Pavilion Web, we include APIs in the applications we build for our clients when it is crucial that they are able to interact with other apps. Using APIs can enhance user experience and help make your app more popular when done right. Our API developers are always ready to start putting APIs to work for you.
We also help our clients gain access to the facilities of other apps through their APIs. For instance, if mapping is integral, you’ll need the Google Maps API.

The middleman

Middleware is software that helps in managing data and communication in distributed applications, in other words, it connects otherwise separate applications. It functions as a bridge between an application and an operating system or database and makes it possible for different applications to interoperate even if they have been written in different languages or are on different platforms. It provides a standardized, API-like interface. Here, at Pavilion Web, we use mobile middleware to connect mobile applications to backend systems, convert source media assets into the appropriate mobile format, and more. With the technology, we have access to messaging and notification services, application updates, and mobile-specific analysis to provide advanced reports on app crashes and other such issues.

For web-based apps, our team of expert developers are able to tweak and customise web middleware programs for better performance and security

Get the best of your app

At Pavilion Web, our middleware solutions are powerful and flexible, and help us solve different problems that may arise with data and application integration. It offers general purpose functionality that allows us deliver across platforms such as mobile, cloud and traditional application platforms, making it faster to make changes. It automates processes such as configuring and ordering of products, increases efficiency, offers portability and aids rapid innovation.

Pavilion Web has been using API to help many apps in Brighton widen their user base rapidly. Building API in the initial stages of app development makes it possible to reach subscribers across different devices faster. An API backend fuses many of the development steps we would normally repeat for different platforms and replaces that with a single block of functionality to remodel on top of. It allows us get a lot done faster, leaving us time to concentrate on the app’s core. Making your API available for free can be a brilliant way to sell your brand especially if you’re a growing brand, and depending on your niche, you may be able to charge third parties for using your API.


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