Analytics and Reporting

In the 21st century, data is an integral part of life especially for brands and businesses. Let us help you succeed online through the delivery of an analytics strategy that is specifically tailored for you and your business.

Working with us at Pavilion is working with a Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics certified partner. We have in-house technical experts that can deploy Google’s powerful web and data analysis tools in order to help you fine-tune your decision making process whilst tracking your business goals and objectives.

We run a bespoke process meant to cater to your exact need. Are you looking for collaboration on a single project? Do you want a brand you can trust for all things analytics and reporting in Brighton? Do you want a Brighton based analytics expert? Pavilion is the place to be.

All our reports are easy to decipher. In the rare event that you need us to explain anything, we are on hand to provide you with clear and succinct answers.

New analytics and reporting setup

It is important to understand that the data in analytics can make or mar the long term success of your business. If you have Google Analytics account that is not properly configured for instance, or one that is configured without any considerations for future analysis activity, the bulk of the data generated will not be useful for the growth of your bottom line. With our analytics setup, we will provide you with a profile that accurately measures traffic whilst offering you meaningful data. It also ensures you will generate valuable insights that can help you to always make the best possible business decisions.

Complete Analytics and Reporting Audits

If you already have analytics set up but you want a comprehensive audit from an expert, our comprehensive audits can provide you with the information and advice you need in order to better understand your online presence and your target audience. We provide bespoke audits that are targeted at deducing expert recommendations that can help improve your online operations. With our analytics audits, you can expect detailed reporting, analysis on user behaviour, analysis on content and product placement, possible weak points analysis to enhance website functionality and more.

Website Traffic Analysis

Our analytics process is geared towards helping our clients to consistently achieve tangible results. At the end of our analytics process, we can help you understand:

• Where to invest your time and budget
• Whether there is need to deploy a second language on your website
• Whether you should improve responsiveness
• Pages that are suboptimal
• Engagement situation on your website
• Overall website efficiency and whether there is need for a new website
• How to increase conversions using analytics data

Give us a call today and we will get to work on your relevant data.


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